• 3 members led by BEYK
    This group is for all urban locations around the world. Post your location here.

    Name, address, city, country, etc..
  • 2 members led by Sybarite
    Open group in which all can share and find locations.
    Please post complete location details when posting.

    (For now a global group... in time we might split to continents or even countries)
  • 7 members led by Sybarite
    This group is a network group for all people involved in making art through shooting artistic nude/nude.

    We have a strict policy of who is allowed in the group. Models need to have a proven affinity with artistic shooting, and photographers need to have ...  more
  • 4 members led by digipix
    Groep voor modellen en MUA's uit West- en Oost-Vlaanderen (Belgiƫ)

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