Get Noticed - Create a Complete Profile

  • Write a proper Bio

    Letting people know who you are, is important if you want to get noticed and collaborate with other people. Let them know what your experience is, or what you would like to develop. Make sure you let people know what you would like to do, etcetera...

    Make friends, like image, send some love

    Get connected, get noticed. Like images that speak to you or leave some comment.
    This is so simple that it hurts to say it. Whenever you see an image you love just click the little heart on the image. The owner of the image sees this...and may well reciprocate...and maybe even message you to say thank you...and that might lead to shoot!
    The same can be said for image comments. We all love positive reinforcement that we are doing well and a nice image comment a lot. Go ahead and say something nice about the images you love.

    Join Groups

    Join groups that are appropriate to you, thus getting connected with like minded people.

    Share your images and profile on Facebook and Twitter

    Whilst not directly associated with The Model Club sharing your images and your profile on Facebook and Twitter can have a dramatic impact on how you are perceived on The Model Club especially if you have a lot of contacts/followers on FB and Twitter.