For new members. How to upload photos.

  • This hint is useful for members who just joined and need some time to discover all functions.

    Here are some quick hints for uploading photos to your first album. Follow the steps. It's not difficult.

    • Go to the link "Albums" in the main menu.


    • Then click the link "Add New Photos".

      On the screen that appears, keep the option "Create A New Album" and give it a name. If you already have an album and you just want to add photos to them, you may select that album but please, avoid adding pictures to special albums with names "Profile Photos" and "Wall Photos" as they are automatically created and meant for other purposes.

      Enter further information for your album like category and description.

      Attention ! If your album is meant to contain 18+ (nude or violent expressions) you should set the privacy option to "Friends and networks only" or even a stricter option. We take actions if you repeatedly ignore this advice about 18+ protection.

    • Click "Add Photos". An Explorer window appears on your screen.

      Select one or more photos (by holding down the Ctrl-key and using mouse clicks). When selected, click "OK" (or "Open", or "Upload" depending on your operating system and your browser).

      Remark ! If the Explorer window is open to select photos but you navigate away from this window without returning, you'll run into troubles for uploading photos. Therefore, continue where you left by retuning to your "Explorer window", usually with title "Select files", and everything will run smoothly as subscribed in this procedure.


    • The photos are now uploaded to your web page but not yet saved in your album. You can remove any picture if necessary. Finally click on the "Save Photos" button.


    • On the next screen, you can eventually give all photos a title and a short description. To save these settings, click "Save Changes".