Help us to choose our next site expansion

  • Hello everyone !


    Help us to tell your preferred priorities for our site. Telling your idea doesn't cost money.


    We have the following options in mind to implement slowly, one by one, ....unless sponsored. Choose your favorite one.


    • 1) Booking system. This is an advanced appointment scheduler where professionals can arrange their bookings and appointments online.
    • 2) Member verification system. Implementing a semi-automatic procedure to verify the reputation of a member, and labeling system.
    • 3) User advertising system. Making it easy for members to get extra attention by offering a Facebook alike advertising system for targeting geographic and demographic visitors, but much cheaper than Facebook. Analytics included = know what you are paying for and what results you have.
    • 4) User networking system. Apart from the classsic "Friendship" relations, you will also have "photographers (I've worked with)", "Models (I've worked with)", "Make-up artists (involved in my shoots)", "Fashion designers (whom I've worn clothes)", "Filmmaker (for who I played a role)", .... and other obvious choices related with member relationships.
    • 5) User polls : making it possible to gather user feedback on your questions and making choices based on favourite answers.
    • 6) Casting section : All kind of job offers for models. We need third parties to help us. We can't do this alone.
    • 7) Automatic watermarking of photos by a user specific watermark.
    • 8) Advanced photo albums. Already implemented.
    • 9) Include your language to our webinterface (Nederlands, Italiano, Español, ελληνικά, ....). This is a continuous investment as we need a worker for this for each language.


    Send your favorite choice to Admin or use the donation button below after which you can enter your choice in the comment of the payment.


    The next feature will probably appear in the begining of November 2016, unless we have some donations that speed up the process. We don't do all the work by ourselves. We are relying on available products with proven quality on the market and buy them so that we don't need to do all the efforts from scratch. So things can get done rather quickly.


    Any donation is welcome. Even small amounts like 5 € will bring us closer. Moreover, we promise you will be able to use the feature you are donating for.

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